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Who are we?

Current Members
sylee Dr. Saeyoung Lee
an enzyme hunter, X-ray crystallographer, protein engineer, now collaborating with KBSI
hjpark Hongjae Park
a fungal synthetic biologist (genome reader & editor), mushroom culturer, metagenome miner, involved in 1k FGP using NGS
bnmin Byoungnam Min
a genome annotator, bioinformatician, data scientist, involved in 1k FGP
kwjang Kyoungwoo Jang
a genome reader, writer and editor, recombineer
bhpark Byeonghyeok Park
a genome miner, bioinformatician, data scientist
yioh Yeoni Oh
a mushroom carer, Agaricus bisporus, currently working at RDA
ihkim Il-Hwan Kim
a bone regenerator, medical engineer, currently working at DioMedical