Computational & Synthetic Biology Laboratory at Korea University

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Research Fellows

photo name role
sylee Dr. Saeyoung Lee X-ray crystallographer, protein engineer, now collaborating with KBSI
bnmin Dr. Byoungnam Min Genome annotator, bioinformatician, data scientist, involved in 1k FGP

Ph.D. Students

photo name role
hjpark Hongjae Park Fungal synthetic biologist involved in 1k FGP using NGS
kwjang Kyoungwoo Jang Genome recombineer
bhpark Byeonghyeok Park Genome miner, bioinformatician, data scientist
yioh Yeoni Oh Mushroom carer, Agaricus bisporus, currently working at RDA
ihkim Il-Hwan Kim Bone regenerator, medical engineer, currently working at DioMedical
swbaek Seungwoo Baek Bioelectric producer, mems & fluidics designer
dpathiraja Duleepa Pathiraja Biocircuit designer, genome reader, writer and editor
kjjung Kyujin Jung iGEM instructor

M.S. Students

photo name role
mjbaek Minjeong Baek Bioinformatician, P-CAPS maintainer